About Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran

Marco is a father of two beautiful children, a husband, real estate investor, and a passionate aviator. In 2021 Marco became a volunteer pilot for Patient Airlift Services (PALS), a volunteer network of pilots who provide compassion flights for patients in need.

Marco Bitran is married to Devorah Bitran, who was born in New Jersey. Marco was born in Brazil. Devorah and Marco have two children, named Isaac and Dalia, and live in the Boston area.

As of 2010, Marco has worked as a real estate investor in the Greater Boston area. Marco, and a group of fellow investors, provide equity funding to leading developers. Most of the investment has been to developers of mixed-use rental projects.

In 2011, entrepreneur Marco Bitran and two business partners founded AI Exchange, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts. Bitran raised $1.5 million in start-up venture capital from several of the industry’s top early-stage investment funds, including General Catalyst, LaunchCapital, Common Angels and Founder Collective. The company, of which he is also Chief Executive Officer, aims to bring transparency and liquidity to investment advisers and clients. As such, Marco Bitran designed technology that enables advisers to access alternative investment strategies.

He joined Clearstream Investments, LLC in Boston. At Clearstream, he worked in a team as part of a quantitative exchange-traded fund, which eventually had $550 million in assets. The fund used a models, many of which were invented by Gabriel R. Bitran, a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Shioulin Sam, a PhD graduate from MIT.

Prior to working at Clearstream, Marco Bitran was employed at Wellington Management Company in the global industrials and capital goods sectors, where he oversaw $1 billion in assets. Bitran was also an associate on the small cap fund team. He worked with other team members on bottom-up portfolio building as well as other consultants and possible investors. He also instituted a metrics framework for cyclical companies.

In 1999, Marco Bitran worked as a Financial Analyst and Equity Research Associate at Morgan Stanley in California. As part of a three-person team, he dealt with large technology companies advising them on their strategic transactions. Bitran wrote and contributed to several large research reports on the data communications sector.

His first start-up experience was with Digital Entertainment Media, Inc., a web streaming service. As founder and Chief Operating Officer, he developed software architecture and a business plan, in addition to recruiting staff. Bitran also utilized the experience he gained as an Engineer for Qualcomm in voice processing for cellular phones.

Marco Bitran received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Economics from MIT. He earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 2003. Bitran is a licensed pilot and enjoys family time, running, traveling the world, and photography. He also donates to several causes, including the Combined Jewish Philanthropies in Boston, local food banks, organizations that assist underprivileged children, animal rights organizations, and several educational organizations.

Marco loves running, although he was a lot faster twenty years ago 😉

Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran and Family

You can learn more about Marco on his LinkedIn page and on his Facebook page.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marco_bitran/

He also has a Tumblr blog which you can read by clicking here for Marco Bitran.

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